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I talked to a guy, a vednor, at the Midwest Yoga Conference. He was dressed like a neo-hippie, had dreads, the whole 9 yards. I think he felt the India vibe on me or something because he starts telling me how he would love to live in India, he's going to start an ashram, etc. etc. etc. He told me that he buys all his stuff from India and I asked him if he's ever been there, even once, just to check it out. Nope, never. I asked him if he knew that foreigners can't live there full-time. Nope, he didn't know that, he was just going to show up and start living. India is real hard on people like that ;)


Hey Andy,
Pranayama definitely is the next step in our asana growth. As we use the breath, specifically the exhale, to release and soften our muscles, our flexibility will over time improve. You were asking about the breath of fire as a way of creating more flexibility. The breath of fire ignites the agni center in and around the third chakra. It creates energy and help us digest our physical food as well as cleaning out toxins both mental and physical. It is a powerful breath and needs to be used wisely. I would concentrate more on the exhale for creating the kind of softness and length that you want in your asans. Shanti, Francesca


Hello thank you for your videos they are very helufpl, I am having some trouble with my flexibility but am fit and healthy, if I do my asanas using breath of fire would it accelerate my flexibility? Thanks for your support


Good inner work to help heal a troubled planet!


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