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Hello epsnanw epsnanw,
I was wondering when the police would show up. profjpriaqt
good epsnanw!!


Matt Your sketches are abustolely stunning. You have captured the movement, in fact the very essence of what it is to move' in the way your dancers flutter across the page. I can't help but wonder, what are these dancers thinking and feeling' as these leap from your hand and onto the page.


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Hello Donna,I would be grateful if you give us some inifrmatoon about the accidental death of Jigme Norbu with whom you were on a Walk for Tibet in Florida.I am an editor at Radio Free Asia's Tibetan Service. We have always covered walks for Tibet and world and would like to have the latest up dates.Please RSVP with your contact number ASAP.Thanks.


Thank you Elizabeth, What a birthday it was (Feb. 23) and what an iceindrble journey the whole Walk For Tibet Florida process has been. No one predicted our tragic loss, but what Jigme spurred was a torrent of heartfelt support from around the world that we also encountered daily on our walk. People were just WAITING to be asked to do good and help out. New developments are afoot, and meanwhile we continue the step by step approach to World Peace, person by person, kindness by kindness. And how cool was it that Jim & Brian, new Empire members, ended up on the whole journey with me. We are bonded forever.Hugs and look forward to seeing you again soon.


Good ideas Roro. Probably finding a qualified teacher is the best idea. Always helps to have a guide who has been where you are going.


Yes meditation and yoga can help you focus and dilipiscne your mind and soul. However, there are proper techniques that you should learn. Either you can join classes in order to get a proper professional lesson or else if you want to learn by yourself then try to buy DVDs- for beginners (there are several in the market). Simple ways to do yoga involves breathing and concentration. I can't explain the postures because it is better for you to have visuals. So I suggest you look for books or DVDs or even websites that gives you a thorough direction on both yoga and meditation. Good luck:)

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