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welcome to our fair city! I wonder where you are teihcang this week?I myself am off to teach a class in a moment and loved your unfolding into trikonasana points.NamasteDhana


Great advise Camille!!! Be mindful and sensitive to how you and your baby feel. It's not a big deal to let the inversions go for a while. They will always be there when you return to them!


Hi Camille great idea! We'll address that in detial in a later post. In the meantime I would say that if you don't already have an inversion practice it's not the best idea to start one when you're pregnant, but if you do and it still feels OK then you can continue to practice them provided you're mindful and willing to let them go if necessary. This topic gets a little heated and controversial and different people will have different opinions. I chose to go upside down when I was pregnant but it was a personal decision I made based on understanding all of the arguments for and against. Stay tuned!

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