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KoeI'm 8 weeks pregnant now and got some books about yoga for pnanregcy but wordy descriptions and poor photos don't really help me understand the poses.Are there some videos of yours which would show me more? I practised yoga for about a year a few years ago and have some basic understanding of it.Good luck with your pnanregcy also ) Thanks in advance


mishtidoiI have been taking Yoga csasles in California for a little more than 3 years and following Yogi Wade's audio csasles since early this year. Besides the clarity of instructions and teacher's sense of humor, I love these csasles for their variety. While the poses in this one are not terribly complex, this class had me tired and sweating more than usual. I think it is because of the multiple Utkatasanas (chair poses).Here are the poses in this set:- Fast paced sun salutations A and B, 5 each- 2 side stretches with arms above head and feet touching- 4 Utkatasana on balls of your feet, and feet part; in two poses knees are parallel to feet and in other two, knees are touching.- Modified Vatayanasana from series 2 (without keeping knee on the floor)- 2 Modified Natrajasanas (one hand holding foot)- 2 tree poses with one forward bend in tree (or half lotus)- eagle pose with elbow touching knee- couple of Dikasana A- one legged forward bending, forehead to shin, holding one foot forward with both hands- couple of wide leg forward fold with a quick triangle, Virasana 2 and dancing warrior- a series of abdominal exercises- backbending exercises done lying down including Viparita Salabasana- ending with hip opening, forward bending and some twists

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