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Happy (belated) Birthday! I am sorry that I am late to the party. I also did not realize that you and Lori were srsteis! How lucky for both of you (and Tami too). What an incredible birthday you had. Thank you for sharing. I was smiling the whole way through reading about your truly perfect day!


SO glad you wrote this. I had wondered myelsf some time back about this very question. My partner is not a self-identified yogi, but she does humor me by attending classes once in a while I worried as I went slightly deeper into some yogic philosophy because I was trying to share my experience with someone who wasn't all that interested in having the same experience.I've learned to be satisfied with whatever she chooses to take in from the conversations we have or the philosophy I spew. After all, part of being yogi' and what had such a spiritual impact on me in the first place was that there were no defined rules about what you HAD to believe or practice. Nobody was imposing their views on me; they offered up information if I asked.Do I sometimes wish my sig other was more interested? sure. But she wishes I got more excited about the Food Network and cooking shows. *shrug* still love her anyway

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