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Kudos to Be Scofield for an extremely enigthienlng and thought-provoking article.While I deeply and sincerely appreciate Eckhart Tolle's teachings I have over a hundred of his CDs I've noticed that while he is very fond of quoting from Yeshua (Jesus), I cannot recall ever hearing him quote from the Master's all-important teachings on the rich and the poor, on the imperative of social justice which has always been at the heart of the teachings of the great Prophets of Judaism. Is Eckhart cherry-picking his quotations to fit into the New Age spirituality-is private mold?I've read with great interest and benefit most of Deepak Chopra's books, but also find him strangely silent on those issues of Justice and general Welfare which appear in the preamble of the Constitution even before Liberty Could Deepak, Eckhart and so many other New Age teachers be wary of being perceived as leftist or radical if they raised those thorny social justice issues that are seriously threatening to tear the very fabric of this nation? (Billionnaire Warren Buffet said recently that there is a class war on in America and that the rich presently seem to be winning )And what about The Secret crowd, who seem so obsessed with achieving personal prosperity and success as they understand it that they never even get to social justice? Many suspect them of being profoundly reactionary and wedded to the status quo. And yet, The Secret claims to have Yeshua, the Buddha and a host of other great masters on their side! (Check out the first minutes of the movie The Secret.) In my opinion, Marshal Rosenberg is right on the money: Spirituality can be reactionary if we get people to just be so calm and accepting and loving that they tolerate the dangerous structures. Yeshua and all the great Prophets who preceded him relentlessly attacked the political and religious establishment of their time.And I applaud that great prophet of our time, Martin Luther King, who said : We must demonstrate, teach and preach until the very foundations of our nation shake . Can you imagine Deepak Chopra or Wayne Dyer or Debbie Ford making such a pronouncement? Can you imagine Eckhart Tolle dying on a cross or getting shot on the balcony of a motel? For what? For practicing presence in public? Or perhaps for disturbing the peace through excessive stillness ?I applaud you, Be Scofield, and I applaud Thich Nhat Hanh for his engaged buddhism and Martin Luther King who, as always, deserves the last word: True peace is not merely the absence of tension, it is the presence of justice.


Hi Laura,I'm new to your blog & am enjoying loionkg around! I feel like good cardiovascular exercise makes a big difference with my anxiety, too. It doesn't make it go away, but I feel like I'm able to sweat out some of that adrenaline and have more energy during the day. Mornings are not my favorite, but seem to be the only way to make time with 3 little ones. Something that's helped me is meeting a friend to work out and I started signing up to do sprint level triathlons (the shortest ones). I'm like the tortoise, but it's fun & gets me out the door when I don't feel like it. Thanks for the post!

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